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Who We Are

True Story

In April 2016, we purchased this second hand AC (we are a startup), for our office, from an AC repair shop to whom we had referred a few clients of ours. We assumed, that since we had referred business to this guy, we would get a good piece at a good rate. We paid Rs 16,000. Upfront.

The AC stopped working the NEXT DAY. The AC Vendor just stopped taking our calls. And the one time we managed to get him using an unknown number, he casually said – “Tough Luck. I cannot do anything about it. It is sold. Your problem." We took a call to keep the AC – so we are reminded everyday – of what we are trying to do – 

Our Mission Stament - To provide our customers with honest & good quality service, at a reasonable price and a great experience. And the Customer's interest at heart every step of the way.

Our Team 

Experienced Supervisors and Staff run our day to day operations. A customer obsessed Chartered Accountant is our CEO. A detail oriented Engineer heads our Operations. An experienced Finance Manager heads our Finance, Admin & Compliance verticals. A University Professor advises us on Marketing. A seasoned tech entrepreneur running a multi-million dollar tech services company advises us on Technology. We count Investment Banking Professionals and Private Equity veterans among our investors. 

Basically – you are in excellent hands. And we have your interests at heart.

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