Car Paint Protection

The paint is what gives the car the look. Unfortunately, our hot and humid weather, dusty road and improper daily wash techniques used by the boy who washes you car everyday, dull the paint over time and the car loses its lustre and appears dull. But it is possible to restore the paint to its previous condition.

This requires a full exterior detailing of the car. The first step is to pressure wash the car and shampoo it using a good quality car shampoo such as 3M or Chemical Guys. This will remove dust and loose debris. The next step is to “clay” the car with a clay bar and lubricant. This removes impurities stuck in the paint and prepares the paint for restoration. Then an abrasive compound is applied to the surface of the paint using a high speed rotary buffing machine. This removes a few microns of the old and dull paint to reveal a shiny unaffected top coat of paint beneath. This also removes minor scratches and swirl marks. Additionally a coat of Glaze is also applied to completely eliminate swirl marks. Then 2 coats of paint sealant is applied using a rotary buffing machine. Paint sealant is basically synthetic wax that bonds over the paint (to explain in lay man’s term – imagine a screen guard over your smart phone screen – this is similar to that) and protects the paint from dust, bird droppings, heat, rain and other weather elements and enhances and protects the shine of the car for upto 12 months. An additional (optional) step is to apply a coat of natural carnauba wax that gives a warm shine to the car and gives it a further coat of protection. Maintenance is very simple – everyday just use a microfibre cloth to wipe away dust and buff for a nice shine.

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