Daily Car Wash – Do it right

Chennai is officially in a drought situation. Water is a scarce resource and we read / hear about farmers suicides all the time. But what have we done about it.

One way in which you can contribute to saving water is by choosing how you clean your car everyday. Car wash chennai is typically done by the local watchman or odd jobs labourer looking to supplememnt their incomes.The typical modus operandi is that you cleaner takes a bucket of water and uses a mug to splash generous quantities of water onto your car and then wipes off the water with a piece of rag or hosiery cloth.

Now, this method is deficient on number of levels. For one – using a hosiery cloth will cause scratches to your car. Next – the amount of water that is used for cleaning your car is a bucketful or approximately 20-25 litres. This is a waste of water. Think about how your maid mops your floor at home – have you seen her empty a bucket load of water onto the floor and then try and soak that up. Not likely. You would see her wet the mop, wring the excess water out and use the damp mop to mop the floor. That is why she uses a 20-25 litre bucket to mop about a 1000 sq ft area whereas your car cleaner uses the same amount of water to wast about 50 sq ft of car body.

Using excess water has other deficiencies. If the excess water is not thoroughly wiped dry, it would dry and leave unsightly hard water marks on your car body and windshield (unless you are using distilled water to wash your car). Excess water on metal also leads to rusting of the metallic parts.

The right way to wash your car is the MasterKey way. MasterKey offers daily car wash services in Chennai. We use a litre of water per car. Thats right – you read it right – ONE LITRE OF WATER PER CAR. We mix car shampoo + wax solution along with a litre of water in a hand sprayer. We first dust the car to remove dust and loose debris. Then we spray the premixed solution onto the car body (starting from top down to 6 panel – the bonnet, drivers side front and rear panel, boot, passenger side front and rear panel). We let it soak for a little while. Then we use a micro-fibre cloth to wipe away the sprayed mixture of water and shampoo. We start from the top of car (cleaning is always top to bottom) and work our way from panel to panel. The micro fibre cloth is folded 2 times to give us a 8 clean sides to wipe the car down. Once the whole car is wiped down, we use a separate micro-fibre cloth to buff the panels dry. This will remove the dampness and will also wipe away the wax residue and the buffing action will impart a nice shone to your car. We then clean your windshields using a wiper / newspaper – which will give excellent streak free finish. We finish off by dressing the tyres to give you a sleek looking car everyday of the week.

Cleaning the car this way saves not only water but also a significant amount of effort. It will take you 10-15 minutes to clean the entire car. You will start questioning why you need a cleaner at all.

But don’t let your mind dwell too long on that question :-) – call MasterKey to do you daily car wash so you can spend that 15 minutes with your family.

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