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Sump Cleaning

Why you have clean your underground sumps and overhead tanks.

Water is a very stable matter. It does not decay or get spoilt with time. So then, why do we have to clean our underground sumps and overhead tanks? After all, previously, when we were using well water, we we did not clean the wells, did we?

This is a very valid question. Yes, water is a very stable matter and does not decay or get spoilt in anyway on account of passage of time or manner of storage. But times have changed.

In large apartment complexes, huge bore wells access ground water which is rich in mineral content. That is why, in Chennai, in different localities, you will find different water in different colors – for example – in Mogappair and Nolambur areas, ground water will be orange in color due to high iron content. Similarly, in other localities, you will find water rich in copper or manganese also giving the water a certain color. This is not necessarily bad. However, to make the water suitable for domestic consumption, the water needs to be treated. Hence you will find water treatment plants in all these large apartment complexes. Water is drawn from bore wells into Raw Water Sumps and then treated at water treatment plant where they separate the mineral content from water and the treated water is stored in separate sumps.

The raw water sumps need to be cleaned regularly for 2 reasons. When water is still, some of the mineral content separate and sinks to the bottom of the sump where it starts lining the sump (looking something akin to sludge). This reduces the water holding capacity of the sump and increases treatment times – regular cleaning to evacuate this sludge helps maintain the water holding capacity of the sump. The more important reason is, without evacuation of this sludge, treatment plants start getting affected regular evacuation of this sludge is vital to maintain the expensive treatment plant in good working condition.
The treated water sumps need to be cleaned periodically (less frequently than raw water sumps but periodically nevertheless) because the treated water is not 100% mineral free. The balance mineral content (similar to raw water) also separates from the water and sinks to the bottom of the sump creating a similar lining of sludge. For reasons stated above, a periodical cleaning of the treated water sumps ensure holding capacity is maintained and unsightly sludge is evacuated giving resident water fit for domestic consumption.

Small apartment complexes and independent houses which do not have the above system also need their sumps and tanks cleaned. They get their water supply from Metro water. The water traverses through the metro water pipelines and is stored in sumps. Organic and inorganic impurities in the pipelines and at the Metrowater treatment plants will be carried to the houses. These impurities will also separate from the water in the same fashion as detailed above and will start to create a lining of sludge. Hence a regular cleaning to evacuate this sludge is important from a hygiene and health perspective. Also, in many instances, we have noticed mixing of sewage and water (as the metro water is responsible for both water distribution and sewage evacuation, their pipelines are usually adjacent and there have been instances when the sewage has mixed with water due to damage to the pipelines). In these cases, it is vital to clean the sumps immediately and periodically after that to maintain hygiene.

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